Intro: I’m new to this blogging thing…

Well, hi there. My name is Kjersten. I’m just over 5 foot 3 inches tall and I have a thirst for literature that is unmatched by just about everything else.

Similar to other book nerds, I have a dream to work within the pages of books for the rest of my life. Actually at this point it’s not even a dream, it’s a necessity. Nothing fills me with greater joy than grasping a crisp new hardcover book in my hands and inhaling the aroma of its freshly printed pages.

Now, this is nothing special. Millions of readers find themselves intrigued by the works of Hardy, Austen, Rowling, Collins, Fitzgerald and Hemingway every. single. day. However, I have this inkling that my story (pun, most definitely, intended) is different.

In the past year or so, I’ve lost sight of my love for reading. For me, that’s like trying to survive without an ounce of protein in my body. That comparison may, in fact, be a bit overdramatic but that does not make it any less true. When I started my college career in August of 2014, I entered my dorm room with a stack of personal reading books a foot high…and by the end of my first semester I had not read even one inch of them. THAT IS RIDICULOUS.

I have enjoyed every book I have been assigned to delve into for my English major, but it wasn’t until November of my sophomore year that I found the time to read for myself again. After realizing what I had been missing for the past year, I swore that I would not let it happen again. So this is my promise.

I have pledged to read at least 30 personal reading books in the year 2016 on my GoodReads 2016 Reading Challenge and this blog is where I plan to document my progress. So let’s see how this goes…

It’s now time to venture back into 1940’s France.

I’m currently reading: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.


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