Review: It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Over a week later and thoughts about this book are STILL. LINGERING. What is this?!

This book consumed me–mind and emotions–so quickly and so deeply. From midnight until 5 a.m. It Ends With Us swallowed me into its surprising, heart-wrenching pages. Even after, sleep did not come while this book was on my mind. 

Let’s start by saying that this book was not an easy read. It differs entirely from any of Colleen Hoover’s other books because it is not purely entertainment. Hoover has stated previously that she writes for entertainment purposes only–but It Ends With Us catapulted her into new territory as a storyteller. It Ends With Us is not just a story that should be heard, it is a story that NEEDS to be heard.

Hoover’s utterly raw emotion shines through as the perfection of It Ends With Us. Her words tie reader and story together tightly to experience the hardships of her characters from within. It Ends With Us immerses audiences into the definition of a page-turner. For hours and even days afterward, I couldn’t stop contemplating each and every aspect of this story—the truth it speaks, the meaningful characters it creates, and the message it leaves behind.

It Ends With Us is not just a novel; it’s an experience. The strength of protagonist Lily is empowering and inspiring. Her story brings about an essential conversation about having courage and making the right choices—not just the easy ones.

This novel shattered me into a million pieces but in the best possible way. CoHo’s magical storytelling skills are back at it and better than ever. It Ends With Us is truly the beginning of a new dimension of her writing and I loved it dearly.


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